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Guidelines to Rawls College of Business Digital Signage

In support of green technology, the Rawls College of Business has implemented a digital signage matrix across our building consisting of professional line LED-LCDs used for informational display, thus keeping printing, paper, and color inking to minimum.

In concordance with the TTU Student Handbook, ( Sec. VIII, namely D) Advertisements and E) Printed Materials, we will adhere to these guidelines with capital judgment. We have also set up a format for entities to follow for our own formatting: entities within the Rawls College of Business are to post data within "Content 1".   Entities outside of RCOBA are to post data to "Content 2".  We will not cross contents for any entity for any given reason (i.e. posting university materials in Content 1 or vice versa). Allowance of up to 7 days from submittal of data to is required for posting each image. Please plan with plenty of lead time so your poster can run successfully.

Content 1: has a ratio of 16x9.  NOTE: All Content 1 images must include RCOBA branding in one of the four corners. Resolution dimensions are 1920(width) x 1080(height) pixels. 6.400in by 3.600in at 300PPI. Specifically for PowerPoint only, slide dimensions are 20.00in by 11.25in.

Content 2:
has a ratio of 11x17.  Resolution dimensions are 699(width) x 1080(height) pixels.  2.333in by 3.60in at 300PPI. Specifically for PowerPoint only, slide dimensions are 7.28in by 11.25in.

Content data can be made at any pixel size that fits within its correct ratio, but will be resized to fit the above measurements.

You can download Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint templates for digital signage here.

You're more than welcome to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint, Publisher, PowerPoint or whatever graphic design program of your choice to design images for these displays. Please be aware that the BACS Multimedia Dept. is responsible only for posting materials, not creating or editing content. We highly prefer the use of Portable Network Graphics (.png) images, but will also use other image formats. Other formats can be sent to us, but may result in a possible delay or full use of the 7 day allotment mentioned above.

These images will run on Samsung LFD Professional series LED backlight LCD displays. These displays are set to automatically run from 7:00am through 10:00pm, Monday through Sunday. The normal time each image will run is set to 10 seconds and will be set into player rotation in no particular order, other than in order of reception. Images will be scheduled to begin running up to two weeks before the event, and until the date of the event. At that time, the image will automatically be removed from the player rotation. General images with no event or date associated with them will run for a maximum of two weeks. RCOBA Departments/Student Organizations are limited to two concurrent (different) images at any one time.  All images submitted will be deleted from our server as they expire.

If you have any questions or need additional information to help you with your digital signage needs, please place a work order request through Belinda Martinez at 742-3188 and one of our Multimedia Staff members will contact you.