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BACS Multimedia Services


Training on all equipment is available for Faculty and Teaching Assistants using the facilities of the Rawls College of Business. Training is absolutely necessary to gain access to the multimedia equipment located in each lectern; no exceptions will be made.  Anyone can receive training through a video tutorial available here and click on "Podium Training".  Following training, faculty and teaching assistants should contact to attest that you have viewed the video and are requesting podium access permissions (via Active Directory) as well as the podium code.

Digital Signage

In keeping with the newest terms of "green" technology, the Rawls College of Business has implemented a digital signage matrix across the building consisting of professional line LED-LCDs used for informational display. In concordance with the TTU Student Handbook, Sec.VIII - (Advertisements and Printed Materials), we adhere to these guidelines with capital judgment.  Please read our specific guidelines here, and submit your digital signage requests in the required format to  We request up to a 7-day lead time during particularly busy timeperiods.

Mediasite Classroom Recording

All classrooms are equipped with Mediasite recorders.  Any class can be recorded for on-demand viewing.  If you would like to record just one particular class, or would like to schedule an entire semester to be recorded, please contact to discuss your needs.  Additionally, if you anticipate that you will miss one of the classes you teach -- BACS can set up a Mediasite recording in a specially-equipped conference/classroom so that you can record your class in advance and make it available to your students at the regularly scheduled class time, or on-demand.  Let us help; just contact us to visit about your needs.

Video Editing

For those who would like to create digital video clips for delivery over the web, in classrooms, or for production on CD, DVD, or MediaSite, the BACS Multimedia Department now has several state of the art Digital Audio / Digital Video Workstations running the highly acclaimed Sony Vegas Pro Master Suite: a software collection that includes the latest versions of Vegas Pro, Sound Forge Pro, ACID Pro, DVD Architect Pro, and the Vegas Pro Production Assistant applications. With these video capturing capabilities, video can be captured from just about any source you can deliver. From here, the video can be digitally edited and exported into a number of formats including DVDs, media intended for streaming,  and other general use.

Video Tape Duplication

Equipment is available for conversion of VHS tapes to DVD. Faculty and staff need to be aware that as of December 2008 ALL VHS PRODUCTION WAS HALTED; in addition to the termination of sales of VHS. There are no VHS players in the Rawls College of Business, so VHS to DVD duplication is necessary.  Keep in mind:  copies or duplicates cannot be made that would result in a copyright violation.


It is our goal that all multimedia equipment operate smoothly for our users. Should you encounter any problems, irregularities, or questions regarding the equipment, please contact Multimedia Services. Note: if you are presently in class and experiencing an immediate need for assistance, call (806) 834-BACS (2227). You can also call us directly: Matthew Winfree at 806.834.4064, Scott McDonald at 806.834.4705, or Joseph Castle at 806.834.1295. If you have a general question or problem, and are not in need of immediate assistance, please register your request through Pam Patton in the Dean's Office (806.742.3188).