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SonicFoundry MediaSite Streaming

BACS Multimedia Services is now using a technology called MediaSite (created by the company SonicFoundry), which is an elaboarte cutting edge system for seamlessly recording and delivery of web based video, audio, slides, documents, and other materials in a consolidated and RCOBA branded environment. 


Here is a selection of some of the current BACS catalogs (groups) of Webcasts that are operated by the BACS Multimedia Services group:


Student Based -                      Secured catalog for RCOBA Undergraduate Students -                               Secured catalog for RCOBA Graduate Students -                                Secured catalog for RCOBA HOM Students -                             Unsecured catalog for RCOBA HOM Students

Program Based -                               Secured catalog for RCOBA Executive-Styled MBA Students -                     Unsecured catalogue for Bankschool -                              Unsecured catalogue for Association of MD MBA Programs

Employee Based -                            Secured catalogue for RCOBA training and IT updates -                                       Internal secured catalog for RCOBA Faculty & Staff

Public Based -                               Unsecured catalog for RCOBA public events, lectures etc. -                                Unsecured Catalog for RCOBA public facing PR

Below are some of the features of our MediaSite system:


Mediasite Player is a customized video player with TTU Rawls College of Business branding.  It is capable of polls, Q&A, closed captioning and more, encouraging viewers to click, watch and learn through Mediasite's dynamic player experience.
Mediasite Catalog automatically publish RCOBA recorded presentations to designated online catalogs for immediate viewing.  There is no waiting for processing or transcoding. 
Mediasite Scheduler enables RCOBA Multimedia Services to save time by using your existing course or room schedule to automate Mediasite recording and publishing
Security leverage the current TTU eRaider domain accounts to guarantee both RCOBA content and intellectual property remain secure
Reporting features enable us to see who is watching what content and when.  This allows us to analyze patterns in viewing behavior that may correlate to improved learning outcomes, increased performance or program effectiveness
Integration incorporate Mediasite presentations and catalogs into existing business course/learning/content management systems or web portals