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Rawls College of Business Laptop Requirements

Students should have a notebook computer that is capable of running the most current version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. For business students, Windows PC’s are recommended over Apple Macs. Some Rawls classes use software that can only run on Microsoft Windows. Others use program functions (for example, in Excel) that are not supported in the Mac version of the software. Students that have Macs can run Windows programs, but doing so can sometimes be complicated and/or frustrating. 

Students that have a Mac should be prepared to:

This guidance is especially important for students who think they might want to be an MIS major. Tablet computers (e.g., iPads, Android devices) cannot be used in place of a notebook computer.

With this in mind, the Rawls College has partnered with Dell to negotiate steep discounts for Windows-based laptops that are designed to get our student through his/her entire tenure at Texas Tech University. These laptops range in price and power from “good,” “better,” “best”, and “best of the best,” ranging in price from $895-$1257. These prices are significantly discounted and provide our students with 4-year next day, onsite warranty service.

To look at your options and purchase one of these Dell laptops, go to and click on “Rawls College of Business Recommended Configurations.” Once there, click on the button for “Shop Your Standard Configuration” to see the options we have negotiated for you.

For those wishing to purchase a laptop elsewhere, our minimum specification recommendation is:

Please keep in mind that Texas Tech University provides its students with free access to Symantec Antivirus Protection and Microsoft Office!

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact :