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BACS Mission

BACS has as its primary role and purpose the provision of Information Technology services to Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration (RCOBA) users: faculty, staff, and students.

The BACS role includes user services, strategic planning for and operational management of RCOBA's IT environment.

User services, to the extent that personnel permits, includes support of workstation hardware, software, and network connections (installation and troubleshooting); consulting on multimedia and web development and application software/hardware; training and user support for general software such as mail clients and servers, web browsers, etc.; development and maintenance of administrative database and other academic/research systems for RCOBA.

The infrastructure required to support the user services effort  includes a variety of in-house servers, all Rawls provided workstations (operating system, application software, hardware), and peripheral IT equipment located in offices, classrooms, conference rooms and other college spaces.

The emphasis in all BACS functions is on user support. The intent is: To maximize the reliability and availability of all IT hardware, software, and network resources; To ensure as much consistency and continuity of the IT environment as possible, while giving as much notice to the users as possible concerning changes in the environment when such changes become necessary, and;

To provide, through strategic planning and system planning and management, as much flexibility as possible in the environment toward accommodating the rapidly changing hardware, software, and network possibilities presented by current state of information technology.