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BACS Web Services

The BACS Management team provisions an engineer with web programming experience for specific IT requests related to websites and web services.  This includes both minor requests and major projects, depending on current demand and availability. 

Simple requests for changes to permissions (to add, remove, or edit permission for access), or to create/delete a (new/old) website are routine and usually completed in less than one week.  Requests for modifications or editing of websites are handled individually, but are prioritized by BACS management.  Requests that may involve extended dedicated programming work are approved by BACS management prior to being assigned to a programmer. 

Training is usually not available except for the most basic tasks, such as connecting to your website using the software installed on your computer.  Instead, training sessions of 1 to 2 hours each are provided by the ATLC and TLTC in the TTU Library, and online (please see the list at the bottom of this page for more on this).

The BA policy is to request that customers open a ticket for any assistance or services provided by the BA Computing Services (BACS) department, so that we can document, report on, analyze, and steadily improve the quality, standards, and productivity (or lack of) in our work.  

This protects our clients' rights to excellence in service, rapid response, and satisfactory resolutions, provides accountability, and maintains the transparency that makes BACS the top IT department system wide at TTU.  

If you need assistance with a website, please consider using the optional request forms from the menu to your left (under "Web Services") which will speed up the process to help you.  However, whether or not you fill out the optional web service form, you must open a BACS IT Support ticket (required).

You can open a ticket now, by clicking on BACS IT Support (in the menu to your left) and submitting the request form online, or by calling 742-3188.


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