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Rawls COBA Print Kiosk Printer Installation Instructions

These printers are available to students who are enrolled in at least one BA course. You will NOT be able to login to the KIOSK unless you are enrolled in at least 1 BA credit hour.  Free printing quotas are based on student credit hours (BA courses only, online courses do not count). Students receive 75 pages per BA credit hour. Printing quota is per semester and does not carry over to the next semester.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I send my print job to the printer?

Once you have sent a print job to the BAKIOSK printer you can release the print job from any of the 6 print KIOSKs. Please Log in to a RCOBA Print Kiosk (the one next to the printer) by swiping your student ID card or typign in your RNumber (without the R). Once you have logged in you should see your print job on the monitor. Select your print job and then select Print. (A print job stays in the queue for 5 hours, after which it will be deleted.)

Note: If the button for Print is grayed out, you may have exceeded the print quota assigned to you.  

Do I need to be connected to the internet to connect to the printer?

Yes. Please note that in order to set up printing to our BA Kiosk Printers, you will first need to establish an Internet connection. If you have not yet configured your laptop's wireless network adapter to connect to TTUnet (TTU's wireless network), please follow the instructions here. If you experience problems when following these instructions, please call 806-742-HELP.

I changed my eRaider password, how can I change it in the printer?

This only applies to you if you have the printer installed on your laptop or computer (password change does not affect Webprint). When you change your e-raider password, you must either delete and reinstall the BA Kiosk Printer from your laptop or clear your stored credentials. Not following through with this process will cause your eraider account to experience a lock-out, which means loss of wireless access, email access, etc, due to the fact that the printer will continue attempting to connect using your old password.

To clear your stored credentials on

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8: From the Control Panel open Credential Manager and delete the stored credentials for the printer.
  • Mac OS: Using the Spotlight go to Keychain Access and delete the stored credentials for the printer.

What happens if I run out of print quota?

Once a student has used up their free printing quota, they can purchase additional printing (additional quota). To do so, please visit Support Service (BA 107). To check your free printing quota you can login using your Student ID card to one of our print KIOSKs in the BA.

Note: If the button for Continue is grayed out, you may have exceeded the print quota assigned to you.

Where are the print kiosks?

There are 6 Print KIOSKs throughout the BA (3 in the basement, 1 on the first floor, and 2 on the second floor).

Can I print if I am off-campus?

YES you can... Use the website from anywhere (On or Off campus).

Note: If, after following the appropriate instructions outlined on this website, you are still unsuccessful at printing to our BA Print Kiosks, please stop by BA Room 259 for one-on-one assistance by a BACS staff member.