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Printing Services

Print from Any Device (no installation required)

Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

*PowerPoint-How to print multiple slides per page

*Blackboard-How to print materials

Instructions below are for printing from a webpage or a files stored on a flash drive or on a local hard drive.

1.Open a Browser and browse to and then click Print.

2.Enter your eRaider username and your eRaider Password and then click LOGIN.

NOTE: your eRaider username is your username (e.g. jsmith)

3.Select the printer bakiosk

4.Browse to a file on your device or Enter the Web Page address to print the Web Page.

To print an email or a document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) from Blackboard or email

you must first save it to your local device.

5.Select your print settings and then Click Continue

6.You should see Processing Job message

7.Once the job is Printed you should see Complete message

You may select another item to print.  When finished, LOGOUT and close the browser


8.You can now walk up to any of the 6 Kiosks to Sign in and release your print job.

 At the kiosk, swipe your TTU ID or enter your RNumber (without the R) to sign in and

release your job(s). Printouts will print on the attached printer.


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