Welcome to the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University! The purpose of this FAQ is to familiarize you with some of the IT services provided to our students.

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What IT equipment is expected of me?

Every student is required to own a laptop capable of running Parallels. Parallels is an application server housed at the Rawls College of Business which offers students such software applications as SAS and SAS Enterprize Miner. Professors teaching Parallels applications will request that the students in their class be granted permissions to these specific software programs. Minimum laptop requirements appear here


How do I connect to TTU wireless?

Instructions for setting up your wireless adapter to access TTUnet (Texas Tech's wireless network) are located here

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How do I access Parallels?

If your professor is teaching a class in which you need access to software available on Parallels, permissions will be granted to you. Someone from BACS will come to your class to assist you in setting your laptop up properly so that you can access Parallels.


How do I print?

You may have noticed the printing kiosks throughout the BA building. Students taking classes in the BA are granted a printing quota each semester based upon the number of BA course hours they are taking. These kiosks will not scan or copy. You should go here to find instructions on how to print to these kiosks. You can then print wirelessly, and swipe your TTU ID card at any Kiosk to release your print job. If you have problems with printing, feel free to call 742-3188 or come by the reception office in the 2nd floor Dean’s Suite (BA 259). A BACS IT specialist will meet with you to assist you with any problems you might be having.

Additionally, a WEPA (Wireless Everywhere, Printing Anywhere) is now available the BA (west wing of the first floor and west wing of the basement).  From WEPA kiosks, you can print B&W or COLOR, one-sided OR duplex, wirelessly from any phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or USB drive.  Learn more about ways to pay for WEPA prints here.

Xerox WEPA Kiosk

Where do I find help for Blackboard?

Instructions for Blackboard are located here. For additional problems, contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP (4357).


What if I need IT help?

For problems with your eraider account, laptop OS issues (e.g. viruses), or Blackboard problems, call IT Help Central at 742-HELP (4357). For problems with printing in the BA building, Mediasite or Citrix problems, feel free to call 742-3188 or come by the reception office in the Dean’s Suite (259) and ask for IT assistance. You can also fill out the BACS support request form located here.


How do I avoid becoming locked out when changing my eraider password?

  1. Before changing your password, be sure to turn off your wireless connection on any portable devices you may own, such as a smartphone, laptop, iPad, etc.
  2. Before changing your password, go to the “Mail/Contacts/Calendars” on your smartphone, iPad and/or similar device and go to the “account settings” – delete the password that is set for your account -- you will be able to enter the new password later.
  3. The ideal place to change your password is from a TTU computer. Go to http://eraider.ttu.edu and change the password for your eraider account.
  4. Give yourself about 15 minutes before connecting the wireless on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, or other such device. The fifteen minute wait will assure that your new password has been replicated to all the necessary TTU servers. THEN, turn your wireless connection back on and enter your new password for TTUnet.
  5. Go back to the “Mail/Contacts/Calendars” on your smartphone, iPad, or other portable device and enter your new password in the account settings. If you are notified that your authentication failed and you are reasonably certain you didn’t make a typographical error, wait another five minutes and enter the password again. Remember that if your authentication fails six times, your account will be locked out for a full 15 minutes.
  6. At home, be certain to change your password for your VPN connection if you take advantage of resources that require VPN access.

I’ve seen Digital Signage around the building. Can my student group post something there?

YES. Please review the Digital Guidelines for BA Information Signage here. Then contact BA_MultimediaNotify@ttu.edu with your properly prepared image along with posting instructions or fill out the form located here.

digital signage

What software resources are available for student use?

Texas Tech University provides students access to many different software programs and anti-virus protection. Log on to http://eraider.ttu.edu and click on “software download” to see what is available to you.

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CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY: My professor says my class is being captured for later viewing. How do I access those videos?

Every classroom in the BA is equipped with Sonic Foundry Mediasite recorders. Depending upon what class you are in, you will need to log into the proper Mediasite catalog to view your class. Look here for a list of BA Mediasite catalogs.


CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY: Does the Rawls College of Business provide any type of student polling technology?

YES! TurningPoint software is available to faculty for use in the classroom. Students will need to purchase a license to utilize this technology. A tutorial on how to register and use TurningPoint is located here.