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Welcome to the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University! The purpose of this FAQ is to familiarize you with some of the IT services provided to new staff members.

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What IT equipment is issued to me?

Each staff member is provided with a Dell Precision T1700 desktop computer and dual monitors. These PCs offer 8GB RAM as well as 500GB solid state hard drives. Software loaded on these computers includes a Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Operating System, Microsoft Office 2013, and Symantec antivirus protection bundle. Also installed on the computer is Adobe Acrobat Pro, Mozilla (Firefox) browser, Flash and Shockwave players and Skype for Business. Your computer is also equipped with a CD/DVD-R.

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How do I print or Scan?

Please initiate a work order request with Belinda Reyes by calling 742-3188, or email her at A BACS representative will insure that you are provided permissions to the Area printer (Xerox workstation in each departmental office) and set you up with access to documents that you scan on that Xerox machine. If you scan a document on your departmental Xerox machine, you’ll find it in a folder called “scans” which is located on the following network drive: \\bamvm15\scans\your_eraider_username.


What if I need IT help?

BACS support personnel will respond to a request when you call Belinda Reyes at 742-3188 to initiate a work order. Sometimes we don’t even need to come to your office in order to assist you. With the help of Skype for Business and LogMeIn, BACS can often assist you remotely with your computer problem or request.


How may I use the office phone?

Each staff member has a phone (Polycom CX600) to use for local and long distance calls. Special permissions are required for International calling privileges (speak to your department’s Director). Training on the use of your phone and Microsoft Lync (VOIP technology) is located here: You may also be assigned to a “Response Group.” Video training is available for Response Groups, and can be forwarded to you at your request. Your phone synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business on your office computer. As you will learn in the training video, Skype for Business (previously Microsoft Lync) gives you access to conference calls, IM, file transfer, etc.


What is Skype for Business?

Microsoft has an integrated communication method for making calls, sending instant messages, conference communication, sending files, or sharing a desktop through the network. Once you are in the TTU Microsoft Exchange email server's Global Address List, communication through this method is available to you. Aside from the training video listed in the FAQ above, you can learn more about Skype for Business here:


Can I access myTTU email when I’m away from the office?

YES. Your email is available through Outlook Web Access here: Enter your TTU email address followed by your eraider password to log on.


How do I avoid becoming locked out when I change my eraider password?

  1. Before changing your password, be sure to turn off your wireless connection on any portable devices you may own, such as a smartphone, laptop, iPad, etc. As well, go to the “Mail/Contacts/Calendars” on your smartphone, iPad and/or similar device and go to the “account settings” – delete the password that is set for your account -- you will be able to enter the new password later.
  2. The ideal place to change your password is from your office computer. Go to and change the password for your eraider account.
  3. Immediately reboot your computer. This is very important, as you are mapped to a number of network resources that are still connected using your old password. By rebooting and logging on with your new password, all of these network resources will automatically connect using the new password you used to log on.
  4. Once you have rebooted your office computer, open Outlook and if necessary, authenticate using the new password.
  5. Give yourself about 15 minutes before connecting the wireless on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, or other such device. The fifteen minute wait will assure that your new password has been replicated to all the necessary TTU servers. THEN, turn your wireless connection back on and enter your new password for TTUnet.
  6. Go back to the “Mail/Contacts/Calendars” on your smartphone, iPad, or other portable device and enter your new password in the account settings. If you are notified that your authentication failed and you are reasonably certain you didn’t make a typographical error, wait another five minutes and enter the password again. Remember that if your authentication fails six times, your account will be locked out for a full 15 minutes.
  7. At home, be certain to change your password for your VPN connection if you take advantage of remote desktop capability.

What software resources are available for staff use?

Using your Rawls College provided computer, you may log on to for software downloads including: Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, Visual Studio 2012, Adobe Lightroom 4, Adobe Presenter 8, Adobe Captivate 7, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Matlab ( Installations require administrative rights on your office PC, so please place a work order request with Belinda Reyes (742-3188) for assistance. With regard to your personal computer (or laptop), you may download and install Microsoft Office, Skype for Business, and Symantec Antivirus, available on the “software download” link at


I’ve seen Digital Signage around the building. How do I post something there?

Please review the Digital Guidelines for BA Information Signage here. Then contact with your properly prepared image along with posting instructions or fill out the form located here.


How can I protect my data?

  1. On your BA assigned computer, a software client called AppAssure will conduct nightly backups of your “C” drive.
  2. When BACS first assists you in the setup of your computer and phone, we will “map a network drive” to a 1GB folder reserved for you on a network server. Anything saved in that folder will be backed up on a nightly basis. Your network folder is located at: \\\coba\pu\your_eraider_username.
  3. Some faculty members use personal external hard drives to further protect their data.
  4. NOTE: Texas Tech University warns against using 3rd party services such as “Dropbox”. For security reasons, no data should be placed on “Dropbox” that involves PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with regard to students, faculty or staff.


CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY: How do I use technology in the classroom?

While staff members seldom have a need to utilize classroom technology, resources are still available for use. Every classroom in the BA is equipped with a plethora of technology.  Information about classroom technology is available through a BACS classroom training video:  After you have viewed this video, it is important to send an email to to let our Multimedia Specialists know you have completed the video training.  One of our crew will then email you the code to unlock the podium so that you can use the equipment.  During use of a classroom, if you run into any problems with the multimedia equipment, call 834-BACS (834-2227) and one of our Multimedia Specialists will assist you.


CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY: Does RCOBA offer "Lecture Capture" capability?

YES! Every classroom in the College is equipped with Sonic Foundry Mediasite recorders. If you are interested in providing students with on-demand reviews of an event you hold in a BA classroom, contact our BACS Multimedia Specialists at and visit with them about your situation.


CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY: Does RCOBA offer "student polling" technology?

YES! TurningPoint software is available to faculty for use in the classroom. For more information, contact A BACS training video about TurningPoint is available here.


CONFERENCE ROOMS: What kind of technology is available in BA conference rooms?

Conference rooms have an LCD screen which serves as an information (digital signage) source, as well as a projection screen for a laptop. In each conference table you will find power, Ethernet, sound and video (VGA) connections. Contact for assistance and training in use of these connections. Additionally, BACS can provide you with one of several types of conference phones for use in these rooms.

conference phones


You can reserve the McCoy Atrium (BA 113, BA 115 or BOTH) for special events. Fill out the form available here: Be certain that if you require technology (such as microphone, projector, etc.) you contact with your specific needs.