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Welcome to BA Computing Services (BACS)

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Aiming for excellence: You've got deadlines, and people who depend on you to deliver results. We understand, and we are on your side. We don't just help you, we create a partnership with you, advocate for your technology needs, and continously align our goals with those of our clients. Relationships like these fine tune our effectiveness, custom tailoring our services, and help you shine.

You are a VIP Customer: Whether you are a full time staff member having problems with email, a student trying to navigate your way through printing or Citrix, a new TA/GA learning to use our multimedia, or a faculty member eager to prepare for presentations and research, we are here for you, as our highest goal and top priority. We are passionate about being prompt communicators and we stay flexible enough to reprioritize on-going work whenever possible. You talk first, and we'll listen.

Skilled Top-Quality Team: The BACS team is regularly recognized both internally and externally for superior technology expertise and personalized services, and our customers often rank us among the top tier nation wide. Our staff is composed of award winning managers, certified engineers and gifted programmers who on average have 2 decades of industry experience. By maintaining a positive working atmosphere, attractive compensation, and empathic style of intra-departmental collaboration our team members have one of the lowest turnover rates of any department at TTU.

Feedback: Please feel free to contact the BACS Mgmt team (click "Contact BACS Mgmt" on the left side menu) and let us know how we are doing, what you think we should know, how we can help you or improve on what we do, or whatever you want to share (anonymity is optional). We greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions, and carefully consider every criticism for valuable insights.

For immediate help, please call our helpdesk at 742-3188 or email